Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Linda’s Green Thumb

Here in Laguna Woods Village all of the maintenance is provided by the HOA, including all of the common areas.  It doesn’t leave much space for gardening, but Linda’s found a few areas to get her hands dirty.  Here’s a little planter box.IMG_2689

And here’s a little area by our patio.  If we add plants to the area we have to maintain them.IMG_2686 We planted some marigolds for a border, but they’re almost gone as the bunny rabbits seem to really enjoy them.

The have garden plots that we can lease, but there’s a long waiting list and we don’t seem to be moving up fast.  It’s amazing how many people enjoy gardening.

As for my new hip, it’s healing really well.  I’m driving the car again, running errands, and starting to ride the stationary bike for my PT.  Everyday I try to do little more, but I don’t want to rush it and face a setback.  Slow and steady, that’s my game.


Connie said...

Very Pretty, sorry about the bunny but I bet it's cute.

Dkalla said...

I need to get you down here and clean up our yard...hee hee Very pretty!! That is really your gift! Glad to hear things are still going great for you Johnny!!