Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Iris’ 4th Birthday

First off, here’s a recent photo of William Jaxson:



We can never have enough pictures.

Our niece Iris turned 4 this month:


We decided to take her out on Friday to celebrate.  We had lunch at Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor.  For those of you old enough to remember, Farrell’s was a favorite place when our kids were growing up.  It started in Portland, OR, and eventually grew to 130 locations across the US.  But Marriott bought out the chain from the original owners and slowly the restaurants started closing.  By 1990 there was only a couple left.  In 2009 a new company bought the concept and started a new Farrell’s with the first one opening here in Mission Viejo.  It’s exactly like the old parlors, but the prices have gone up considerably.  But the fun is still there.  We shared a pretty good lunch of a Patty Melt and a Toasted Cheese sandwich.  Then with much fanfare, they brought Iris her Birthday sundae.  It was a little to much noise for Iris, but when things calmed down, we managed to eat it.


After lunch we went back to Laguna Woods Village to visit the horses at the stables.  This is the only adult community that I know of that has stables for the residents to have horses, but maintains some for the residents to ride.  Last time Iris was a little nervous around the big horses, but this time she actually petted some.



After the visit to the stables, we went to the local Pumpkin Patch at the Laguna Hills Mall.  They had it set up really nice with rides, and a lot of, well, pumpkins.  These must be good money makers.  We were there on a Friday and it was really busy.  And families were really spending the money.  We started on the pony ride, which was just like the one I use to ride when I was 5 in Crestline when we were on vacation.



After that it was a ride on the train, some individual rides, and we checked out the pumpkins.





After all of the activities, we went back to the condo where Linda & Iris worked on a bracelet together.






It was a fun day and we sure enjoyed our time with Iris.  On the way back to her parents she fell asleep in the car, the same way our kids used to after a fun day.  It brought back a lot of precious memories for us, and we’re looking forward to spending time like this with Jaxson.

After the weekend, Linda went out to spend some time with Suzanne & Jaxson while I stayed home with Pearl.  I can see a lot of days coming like that in the future.  First I was replaced with Pearl, and now it’s Jaxson. 


Dkalla said...

Love the pictures, and it sure sounds like you are being great Aunt/Uncle, and awesome grandparents.....:-) And I don't think you will be replaced....:-) Looking forward to more pixs!! So I take it you like calling him Jaxson....:-)

Connie said...

What a great birthday. The pictures look like everyone was having an amazing day. She is very blessed to have both of you in her life. The pictures of Jaxson are so precious.