Sunday, October 10, 2010

It’s Been a Busy Week

Here’s a new picture of William.


If you look close you can see the train on his PJs.  I wonder where he got that??

On Wednesday, Linda, her Mom Lois, and her Sister Donna when to the hospital to meet William.  Oh, and they also visited Suzanne and Matt.  He’s doing very well, even thought he lost a little weight.  I wish I could lose some, but I guess I’m to old.  Or maybe I eat too much.

On Thursday William dragged his parents home.  He’s just like his Grandpa, he can’t stand staying in a hospital very long.  Linda and I checked with Direct Buy and the nursery furniture was delivered to their Anaheim Hills store that morning.  We jumped in the truck and picked up the crib, dresser, and bookcase and ran them out to Hemet to surprise the kids.  Of course it was rush hour through the Santa Ana Canyon on the worst freeway in L.A., the 91.  It took us 21/2 hours to get out to Hemet.  Of course we didn’t need to deliver the furniture that quickly, but it gave us an excuse to visit William. 

After dinner Matt and I hauled it upstairs.  It gave me a good chance to test my hip, and it passed with flying colors.  I can do just about anything now.  The furniture looked great in the nursery, and now Matt can put together the crib to finish up.  I’ll take some pictures when everything is complete.

We had a scare when we got home.  Pearl had a very bad night with a lot of diarrhea.  On Friday she hardly got out of bed.  We were thinking the worst, but then she started feeling better and hopefully she will continue to stronger.  We know we have a terrible decision to make in the near future, but we want to wait as long as possible.

That brings you up to date through Friday.  I’ll try to blog more often as interesting things happen.

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Dkalla said...

Glad you are feeling back to normal!! And thanks for the update, I can't imagine making that drive too many times...however, when you have something that special, I guess you will do almost anything....:-) And glad to hear Pearl is doing better!