Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Monaco Northwest Rally Day 2

This is the official early arrival day for the rally.  As you can tell from the last posting, we have so much fun at these rallies that we all come as early as possible.  Linda and some of the other ladies acted as greeters and passed out a goodie bag for every coach.


Here’s Linda getting a puppy fix.  That’s Bear on the left, and Teacup on the right.


We have a total 33 Monaco motorhomes coming in today.  And there was a lot of conversations and hugs going on.  The last rally was in September of 2010 in Idaho, so there was a lot of to catch up on.

Linda & I volunteered to be bartenders during the rally (there’s a shock, talk about typecasting).  On Monday night there was a social hour at 4:30, followed by a baked potato buffet at 6:00.




Ron was the MC and kept everything and everyone going in the right direction.  Here’s some of the pictures from the evening.  Click on it for a larger view.


To see all of the pictures from the rally click on this link:


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