Thursday, June 16, 2011

Welcome Back to California

We left Coos Bay and started South.  Some of the area we had covered the day before, but after Port Orford we were breaking new ground.  US 101 in Central & Southern California is a good road, but up here in Southern Oregon and extreme Northern California it has some very tight turns and narrow roads.


We saw some beautiful coves near Brookings, OR.



We crossed over into California near Crescent City where the US got hit by the Japanese Tsunami.  We didn’t see any remaining damage in the harbor.  We knew we were back in CA when we started seeing the roadside attractions such as Paul Bunyan.


And then more narrow curvy roads.


When I’m driving the MoHo I always believe those 30 MPH signs, and slow way down. 

We ended up staying at in Eureka, CA, at the Shoreline RV park.  It was OK, but not one we will probably go back to.  It was right off 101 so there was a little road noise, and the sites were pretty narrow.

Tomorrow we’re going to tour some of the Redwood Parks.  More interesting posts then.

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