Thursday, December 03, 2009

An At Home Day

Just like when we lived in our house in Turlock, there are days when you have to maintain and clean MoHo. Linda had a great plan. She made a list of stuff she needed and errands that needed to be done, then sent me off. This kept me our of her hair while she did all of the hard work.

Linda took everything out of the cupboards and cleaned everything. John went to Wal-Mart, the cleaners, got the car washed, and stopped at the hardware store to rent a carpet cleaner. So now everything looks like new.

While the MoHo was in storage John had a new Sony 32” HD flat screen TV installed. It didn’t turn out the way Linda pictured it, but the TV picture is really nice. John’s going to have a little more work done to improve the fit of the TV to the cabinets when we get back to SoCal.

John cooked steak and baked potatoes for dinner which nicely finished off the day. Tomorrow is the monthly vendor day here at Happy Trails. It's kind of an arts and crafts sale in the plaza. John will take some pictures and let you know if we buy anything. It’s always fun to look at everything. Who knows, there might be a potential Christmas present there.

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