Monday, December 28, 2009

Pearl Looks Pretty & A Surprise Visit

Yesterday was a bad day for our dog Pearl, and today wasn’t much better.  Yesterday she was poked, prodded, and got a shot.  Today she went to the groomers for a bath and a pedicure.  She hated both visits, but she feels and smells much better.  And she’s starting to act more like her old self.  The antibiotics seem to working.

After picking her up at the groomers, we got a surprise visit from our daughter, Dr. Jeni.  She wanted to see our new kitchen, and she wanted to look for something to fill that empty bike box she got for Christmas.  Matt & Suzanne, & Linda & I went together to replace the bike that was stolen back in Oct.  With her short stature, the size of the bike was important.  We went to three different stores, and she narrowed the choices down to a Electra Townie or Schwinn Searcher.  We’ll continue to look for the best bike when we get back to AZ.

We had a little time left, so we asked Jeni for input on the new flooring we’re going to put in the house.  We’re going to replace the carpet with laminate flooring in the living room, dining room, kitchen, hall, and two baths.  The only rooms with carpet will be the two bedrooms.  Now that the kitchen cabinets are in, we want something complimentary, but not matching.  We’ve come close with a couple of samples, but we going to keep looking.

Jeni started back to Matt & Suzanne’s house, and we relaxed with some TV and leftovers.  Oh what an exciting life we lead.

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Dkalla said...

Glad to hear Pearl is better, I guess I need to start reading where I left off and go up....;-) How great however to have family close enough to drop in and help with decisions....:-)