Friday, December 18, 2009

Our First Happy Hour

The day started with a little repair work on the MoHo. Our Aqua-Hot was not working properly so I looked on the website for a technician. I found a certified tech living right here in Happy Trails! I called him, and 5 minutes later he was here at the lot with his tools. I was expecting the worst, but after crawling into one of the basement compartments, opening the doors on the Aqua-Hot, and adjusting a few things it was working perfectly. As I went to get my checkbook, he said no charge! So I gave him a bottle of very good wine (Louis Martini Cabernet) and we called it even.

Now, you're probably wondering what is an Aqua-Hot. Most RVs have propane heaters and water heaters. However, we have an Aqua-Hot system that uses electricity when we're hooked up, and a diesel burner when we are boondocking, or need a little extra heat. So if we're taking a very long shower, we never run out of hot water! Pretty neat. Now if I could only figure out how to increase our water pressure, I would really enjoy it. The diesel burner is what was broken, and as cold as it's been here at night we needed for some extra heat.

After that I went to the store and Linda decorated the lot, to get ready for our first happy hour. We invited Bob & Maggie, Ed & Judie, and our neighbors from across the street, Ken & Peggy. They have just closed on a house in Sun City West, and were waiting to sign the papers. They are so excited.

Everyone had a good time. We served BBQ meatballs, chips & salsa, salami roll ups, candied pecans, and assorted chocolates.

After that, it was a quiet evening with some TV. And an another day in paradise passes by.


Dkalla said...

You two are having just way too much fun, I love hearing about your events!! Good thing you are so nice, to get people to do trades :-)

Jeni said...

I love the everlasting hot showers!!!