Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Closer to Christmas, & Pretty Pictures

The day started very chilly.  In fact, there was frost on the grass this morning.  In monitoring the temperatures in Surprise and Laguna Woods, they have been very similar for the last two weeks.
Linda finished wrapping the presents we had left, and we loaded them into the car to take to Linda’s Mom’s house, where we’re having our family Christmas celebration.  It was good to see Lois again, and of course it was fantastic to see Pearl again.  We had missed our dog for the last week in AZ.  Lois took very good care of her, but it wasn’t the same for us being in the MoHo with Pearl.  We brought her back to Laguna Woods, where she’ll be comfortable during the Holidays.

We still had a couple of presents to buy, but I couldn’t make up my mind.  We did meet the kids at Downtown Disney to take their annual pictures for Grandma’s wall.  Every year the grandkids get together for pictures, and now it includes the great grandkids for another picture wall.  The kids though that we could get a good background at Downtown Disney.  Well, we forgot that it’s the high tourist season, so it took a while for everyone to get there, park, and then meet up.  But we all made.  While we were waiting I took a couple of pictures of Violet: 

You would never guess that she’s inside a Lego Block!

After everyone got there we decided to try using the anniversary logo for a background: 

IMG_1399 It didn’t really work very well.  So we moved on to the area around the Rainforest Cafe:
IMG_1410IMG_1411A little better, but we don’t know how they’ll look on the wall.  We’ll have to wait for the final decision with Grandma.  The kids were starving by then, so they had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe, while Linda and I headed for home.  We were going to have dinner at Pei Wei, but it was closed so we shared an In & Out Burger, always a good choice.
If you want to see all of the pictures, check out our Goggle Album here:

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Dkalla said...

Looks like you had a great time taking these pictures! Loved looking at them!