Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cleaning Out the Pilot

We had a little excitement this morning, as Linda checked the website, familywishlists.com, which we have been using for years to post our Christmas lists for everyone to check out. It’s a neat site and we’ve become very dependent on it over the years. Well, it was down this morning, going directly to a godaddy.com domain registry site. Linda called Matt, Matt checked the site for contacts using the cache, and gave us a phone number. Linda called, and an hour later the site was back up with all of our data intact. Whew!

We still had the Hope Chest in the back of our Honda Pilot, so we journeyed out to Jeni’s condo. Now we’re both in Phoenix area, but we’re on the west side in Surprise, and Jeni’s on the east side in Chandler. It takes almost an hour to cross town, and get to the condo. And we though L.A. was bad.

On the way we stopped at Arizona Mills, an outlet mall to do some shopping. We weren’t impressed. I like the outlets near Palm Springs much better, and Linda doesn’t like outlets at all. I bought a couple of pairs of khakis at the Haggar outlet, but that was it.

Linda found a listing on Craig’s List for some garage shelves, so we called, and met the owner at his house. He turned out to be a retired policeman who was a full time RVer. We enjoyed talking with him and bought both of the shelves. He evened delivered them to Jeni’s condo. The only problem was that I had to put them back together and it a little struggle. Next time I’ll pay more attention to how things are put together.

After that, we decided to go out to dinner. Jeni chose a restaurant called Firebird, and it was very good. Jeni is on a strict diet, but she knows how to order from any menu and stay on course. She’s really working hard, and we know she’ll be successful. We got home about 10:00, a long day for us. The weather is warming up, but the nights are still cold, so we’re running our heater at night and in the morning. Hopefully it will continue with the warming trend.

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