Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Home at Happy Trails

We left Quartzite at a leisurely 10:00am, and made our first stop of the day at Zips Truck Stop. We always stop here to top off the tank on MoHo before getting to Happy Trails. They have the cheapest price on diesel, and very nice facilities. One of the advantages of buying diesel in AZ is that there is a tax break for private coaches, so we save $.08 per gallon. And that's on top of the fact that fuel is about 15% cheaper than CA.

After storing MoHo at El Toro for the last 3 months, the outside was very dirty. It’s hard to wash it in a campground, so we took it to a truck wash in Phoenix. Danny’s Big Rig Resort has everything a long haul truck driver could want. And it washes RVs to! John drove it in a narrow but large lane in a warehouse, where MoHo was hand washed from top to bottom, then sprayed clean, and hand wiped down to remove all the water drops and clean the windows. It looked really good! And John never had to get on the ladder.

Then we went on to Happy Trails. Our new lot was clean and ready for us. With Linda’s excellent directions, John was able to back into the spot on his first try, with some minor back and forth to get it lined up with the concrete patio.


We got out everything, since we’ll be here for 3 months. The lot has a nice shed, with ample room for a bed and its own bathroom(sorry, no shower).



So come and visit us. You’ll have your own private room, and we promise a comfortable bed(not in pictures)

We have a nice patio, and outdoor cooking area with plenty of space for tables and chairs.


Pearl seems right at home.

Tomorrow is an inside cleaning day. Since the outside looks so good, we have to clean the inside from top to bottom.

The weather here is sunny, but on the cool side with cold morning. High 68, low 37.

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