Friday, December 04, 2009

Vendor Day & a Visit with Jeni

Today was he vendor day here at Happy Trails.  A number of small businesses buy tables to display their goods.  A lot of it is handmade, including jewelry, paintings, a lot of different sewing goods, and retail people selling items that would appeal to owners in Happy Trails.  The event draws a large crowd, with the parking lot full and cars parking down the street.  And more than half of the shoppers arrive in golf carts!

Here’s a picture of some of the outside tables.IMG_0081It looks comfortable, but when we got up this morning the temperature was 37 degrees.  So the premium tables for the long time vendors were inside the ballroom.IMG_0082 We wandered around not buying much.  I renewed our Sam’s Club membership with a bonus of a $20 gift card.  We weren’t sure we were going to renew, but the location here in Surprise is 1/2 mile away and they have good prices on gas.  Costco is about a 20 minute drive away, so it made sense to renew.  BTW, gas here is about 50 cent cheaper than in CA.  Gas at Sam’s is $2.43 a gallon.  We did get a couple of little things, but nothing exciting.  I was disappointed that Linda didn’t some of the unique clothes such as hand painted blouses, quilted jackets, and decorations.  But they’re be another sale next month.

We bought over some things from the village for Jeni and I wanted to get them out of the car (they rattled) so we drove down to Chandler to drop them off.  After we got there and unloaded everything, the women took off.  Two hours later they were back with bags.  They found this small shop called My Sister’s Closet and they both bought some new clothes.  I guess I shouldn’t give Linda a hard time about buying stuff again!

We were late getting back to the MoHo, due to the shopping and bad traffic.  Poor Pearl was late getting her dinner.  She didn’t seem to notice, as she was asleep on the bed when we got home.  Since it was so late we just had soup and sandwiches for dinner, and settled down to watch the final show of Monk, one of our favorite shows.

The weather is going to continue to be cold for the next week, with rain predicted for Monday and Tuesday.  We’re heading back to Laguna Woods on Sunday to check on our kitchen remodel so we’ll miss the rain here, but probably catch it in SoCal.

Tomorrow is a busy day.  We’re going to meet our Northwest friends for dinner and a show.  We’ll share more of that in our next blog.

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Dkalla said...

Good thing I wasn't with Linda during the craft show...hee hee Linda will have to take me to My Sister's Closet when we come down....:-)