Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Road Traveled Often

We loaded up the car at the MoHo. Linda had most of the presents wrapped. They filled the back of the Pilot, but I could still see out the back window, so I guess we succeeded in cutting down this year.

As we were leaving the wind started coming up and the sky looked very dark. The weather report said we would have high winds and a little rain. Well, it was correct. The rain wasn't bad, but the wind was there on the whole trip, and especially bad by the windmills in Palm Springs. I guess they know where to place those. On the news there was a dust storm North of Casa Grande that caused a traffic accident with 3 deaths. You have to track the weather when you're traveling. If we were in the MoHo we would have pulled over and parked.

We stopped at the Mountain Quail Cafe in Quartzsite, a nice family type restaurant. The special was Swiss Steak, which Linda ordered, while I had the Chili Burger. Both were very good, and Linda even got some carrots, her favorite vegetable, with her meal. I had to settle for french fries. Darn.

The house in Laguna Woods Village was fine, but very cold. We turned on the heat pump, unpacked our clothes and settled in for a week. We will really enjoy spending time with our family over the holidays.


Jeni said...

Love the Merry Christmoose!!!

Dkalla said...

Glad you got there safe, hopefully today on your way back, you have good weather! Again, I am hungry now....I better go get some breakfast! :-)

ps: I didn't think I missed looking at so many....

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it