Saturday, December 19, 2009

John Come Down with Linda's Cold

I woke up this morning with a drippy nose. Hopefully it's not a full blown cold. Just what I needed right before Christmas. But Linda's taking good care of me, so I know I'll feel better soon.

This morning I helped Ken & Peggy move a dinette set to their new home, which is very nice. And we met two of his new neighbors. A very friendly neighborhood. It's amazing how much we can put in the Pilot. Buying that car was one of my few good decisions.

Linda went with the rest of our friends to the Goodyear Marketplace. It's an open air swap meet with vendors having tables with everything imaginable for sale. But she didn't buy anything. I guess she needs my input!

We met for Lunch at Red Robin, where Linda and I shared a Whiskey River BBQ Chicken sandwich. It's amazing how much money we save by sharing our meals and drinking water instead of iced tea. The beverages at Red Robin were $3.00 a piece. And a half of lunch is more than enough. We're both trying to slim down a little. If you enjoy Red Robin, don't check the nutritional information on the table. I think their burgers are around 1200 calories without the french fries. Darn! We're really going to hit it hard after New Years, since they have such a good fitness facility here at Happy Trails.

After lunch we parted ways with our friends, and (guess what)....continued Christmas shopping. Linda did all of the heavy shopping while I sat in the car nursing my cold and reading a book. I always keep a book or two (Ellery Queen) in the car for such circumstances. And Linda prefers to shop on her own without me bugging her.

We came back home for dinner (Trader Joes Orange Chicken), and Linda waited on me hand and foot. Hopefully tomorrow I'll feet better. Keep me in your prayers.


Dkalla said...

Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well, I sure hope Linda helped you get over it quickly....:-) But it also sounded like you didn't let it slow you down...helping move, really need to rest.....:-)

Jeni said...

Feel better soon!!! I bet seeing their Sun City house made you wish you were buying too.

Anonymous said...

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