Sunday, December 06, 2009

Brunch with our Northwest Friends, then a Long Drive

The day started bright and early, at 9:13 for church. Here at Happy Trails they have their own church. This morning there were about 450 attendees. They have a very large choir that is really good, a pair of retired ministers that are very down to earth, and great music. We met Don & Maxine(Max) at church, and after the service we picked up Bob & Maggie at their motorhome and drove to Chandler to have brunch at On the Border.

We met our other good friends, Alan & Shari, and Joe & Phyllis. It was great to catch up with our friends whom we haven’t seen since last winter. We stayed way after the food was gone, just talking and making plans. Don & Max are from Lake Oswego, OR, and they stay at their home in Sun City Grand. Bob & Maggie live in Bellingham, WA, and stay at Happy Trails. Alan & Shari are staying at their cabin at Lake Mayfield for the winter. And Joe & Phyllis live in Bellingham, WA, and stay at Palm Creek in Casa Grande, AZ.

After the brunch, we dropped everyone off, and went back to MoHo. We packed up some essentials, loaded Pearl in the car and headed for Laguna Woods. It was an easy drive with light traffic until we hit a lot of wind by the wind machines in Palm Springs. We’re glad we weren’t driving the MoHo in that wind. But we made it safely to the village and unloaded everything. It seems like we just left here!

We have an appointment on Monday to have our new kitchen cabinets installed. We’ll probably stay there for about a week to get the remodel finished, then we’ll head back to Happy Trails.

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Dkalla said...

What fun way to enjoy retirement, with so many friends!!! It was fun getting to meet some of them. And I look forward to reading some of your wild adventures with them....:-)