Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Well, it’s Christmas Eve and now it’s time to relax. NOT! We still had a couple of presents to buy, and one of them was a very hard decision.  We went to 6 or 7 different stores looking for just the right item.  There was a lot of pros & cons, but finally we just decided to wrap up an empty box.  We let someone else try to figure it out!

We’re done, done, done.  All of the presents and boxes are wrapped, and we’re waiting with great anticipation for tomorrow.  Normally we would be with my Mother and her family on Christmas Eve, but this will be the first year we can’t.  My Mother passed away this spring, and it’s the Holidays that bring back so many great memories.  We always enjoyed Christmas Eve with the Whitfield side of the family, and they treated my Mother very special.  There will be a hole in the festivities this year for us and the Whitfields.  Mom, we’re still thinking of you in our hearts.  Merry Christmas everyone.


Jeni said...

I miss Grandma H. too! Thanks for all the pictures!

Dkalla said...

Glad you got everything done with time to spare....:-) And those special memories will always be in our hearts.