Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Little Change of Plans

We planned to go out and shop for our new floors for the house in Laguna Woods Village.  That would finish off all of the remodeling we’re doing right now.  But, our dog Pearl, has not been feeling well.  So we decided to take her to our Vet in Garden Grove.  They are open on Sundays.  The Vet has a very different arrangement in that they don’t take appointments, its first come, first serve.  We got there around 11:00 and checked in.  There were several people ahead of us, so Linda called Valerie and went over to visit with Iris & Violet while I waited with Pearl.  After a 2 hour wait, it turned out that she has a urinary infection.  They gave her a shot, and we took some pills home.  Hopefully, that will cure her.
After that we stopped at one store to look at flooring, but we still haven’t made a finial decision.  The kitchen cabinets are a little darker than we expected, so the original maple floor we had chosen is too light.  Now we’re looking for something a little darker, like a natural cherry.
We didn't have lunch because the vet appointment took a while, so we opted for an early dinner.  Since we missed out on the good food a Pei Wei on Wed. night, we decided to bring some back home for dinner.  We had to have the lettuce wraps.  If you’ve never had these at PF Chang’s or Pei Wei, we strongly recommend them.  They’re consists of  chopped chicken with veggies with a special sauce placed in a lettuce cup.  Crunchy and savory, they’re great.  Because it was a cold day, I ordered the Hot & Sour soup, and then we shared an order of Mandarin Kung Pao Chicken.  A great meal, and my fortune cookie was really good.  It said I will have a long and comfortable retirement-perfect!


Jeni said...

Fun fortune!

Dkalla said...

Pearl is sure lucky to have you two! And the Iris and Voilet are lucky to have Linda close....:-) I like the wraps too!! And I agree with Jeni, Good Fortune!