Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Day After the Big Day

Naturally the day after is a little bit of a let down.  We slept later, read the paper, watched a little TV, and generally relaxed.

Late in the day the kids called, and we met for dinner at Lucille’s BBQ in Cerritos.  They serve genuine wood smoked BBQ, and it’s really good.  Linda & I shared a combo platter of BBQ Beef Ribs & BBQ Brisket.  It came with two sides, which we chose baked pototoe & creamy coleslaw.  Matt had the combo of BBQ Tri Tip & Pulled Pork.  The ladies were really good, ordering salads with dressing on the side.  They’re really working hard at cutting down on the calories.

Jeni’s Christmas present for Matt & Susanne is a feature tree for their backyard.  So after dinner, we went to Home Depot to see what they had.  Matt found a Guava tree that he wanted, so into the truck it went.  Let’s hope he waters it well enough for it to survive.  At least plants at Home Depot are warranted for a year against loss, so at least he has a backup plan.

We then visited Lois, as Matt had to pickup the tools we gave him.  Mom’s house sure is decorated nice.  She even put up her hand painted houses this year that brings back some good memories.  We actually stopped by for a piece of special coffee cake her neighbor makes at Christmas that we had no room for the day before, but we were to late.  No, Mom didn’t eat it, her dog Misty did.  We hope she enjoyed it, because it’s really good.  Now we’ll have to wait until next year!

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Dkalla said...

What a nice day of family time! And I have to say, your blogs always make me hungry....hee hee You find too many good places to eat....:-)