Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve, 2009

We were slow getting up this morning after the long day yesterday.  We still had to put away everything we brought, and organize the MoHo. 

We were invited to Ron & Ethyl’s house in Sun City Grand for a New Years Eve party.  We had to go shopping for some snacks and desserts.  Believe it or not I had to buy a bottle of sparkling wine.  Poor planning on my part.  I did buy a nice bottle of Domaine Ste. Michelle Brut, which was on sale at Fry’s Marketplace for $7.99.  What was surprising is that it was the same price as Barefoot Brut.  Some prices seem to have increased substantially.

Bob & Maggie picked us up about 6:00.  We stopped to pick up the pizzas at NYPD Pizza, which was really crowded.  They make authentic New York style pizza that you fold in half to eat.  Then we drove on to Ron & Ethyl’s house. 

Don & Maxine were already there, so we poured some drinks, and talked up a blue streak.  We hadn’t seen then since last March, so there was a lot to talk about.  The only downer was that Allan & Sharri weren’t there to help us celebrate.Bob trying his drink IMG_0124 IMG_0123 After about an hour, with the guys watching football, and the women talking, we put the pizzas in the oven.IMG_0121We did a good job of polishing off a great amount of food as we waited for the New Year.  At Midnight we watched the ball drop in NY, and then we went home.  We don’t seem to have the stamina we used to when we were younger.

Happy New Year to everyone, and may 2010 be a great year!


Dkalla said...

You always find such great deals.....:-) And again, you are making me hungry...I don't get pizza very much, cause Ken doesn't like pizza....:-( So did you play Apples to Apples?? Sounds like you had a nice time breaking in the New Year!

Connie said...

I miss our New Year's Eves togeter.