Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Change in Plans

We had planned to journey with the motorhome to Banff National Park, then on to Calgary, before going back to the United States. But, since we visited Banff and Lake Louise while we were parked at Radium Hot Springs, we decided to head back south and visit Glacier National Park before we go to SD to get our drivers licenses.

Looking on the map it showed we could start back south on Hwy. 95, and then connect with Hwy. 93/3 before Cranbrook and wind up on the west side of Glacier with many choices of RV parks to choose from.

Well, John started driving the motorhome and he somehow missed where Hwy. 93 split from Hwy. 3. Before we knew it, we were in Alberta, scratching our heads as to what to do. We looked at the map and saw that Hwy.6 would connect with Hwy. 98 in the US and get us to the east side of Glacier and then we could take Hwy.2 into the main entrance area.

Hwy. 6 was up and down hills, then up and down mountains. We made it to the US border with no problems, John even got into the right lane and didn't have any sirens going off. The real problems started on Hwy. 98. It went curvy up and curvy down, the road got worst and worst. There were frost heaves, pot holes, and the whole motorhome shook and bounced. And it went on & on.

We finally made it to Hwy. 2, exhausted and shook up. We turned right towards Glacier and drove about 25 miles to a great park, Glacier Meadows. It's still 35 miles to West Glacier and the entrance to the park, but we're in an open meadow with nice grass and a lot of space between sites. It's super quiet, and we even took Pearl out without a leash! The joys of the off season.

PS: It got down to 31 degrees last night, but it got up to 75 degrees during the day. The leaves are just starting to turn! Got to love the Fall.

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Jeni said...

Wow, poor you guys!

You should see fall out here in South's BEAUTIFUL!!! For anyone wanting to visit, fall would be a very pretty time to come. And next fall I'll be beginning my dissertation research...maybe you all want to come be my research assistants?!