Sunday, September 09, 2007

Welcome to Canada

On Friday we spent the day cleaning the motorhome top to bottom. John got ambitious and washed to exterior of the motorhome by hand. It looked great. Of course, now we're expecting rain. Linda cleaned the interior and caught up on the laundry. Just like a stick, we need to keep everything neat & tidy.

On Saturday morning, bright & early for a change, we pull up hoses, dumped and packed everything including Pearl, and headed north. Naturally we had to stop just before the border because we forgot to get our passports out of the safe. Continuing on, we reached the border. Now this was a very small two lane road crossing from Idaho to British Columbia on Hwy. 95. US border agents just waved us through, and then we pull up to a very narrow window in Canada. There was no one in the guard window, so we waited. Then the light turned green, and John proceeded to leave the border, and all kinds of sirens when off! They ran after us with guns drawn and wearing body armor after we stopped, and had us do a u-turn back to the guard window. Stupid John thought that he could pull into the bus lane to avoid the narrow pathway, but they came out again and had us do another u-turn. This time John got the motorhome into the narrow lane, without hitting any of the barriers. We handed them our passports, they walked away to check them in the computer, then we were waved through without any other problems. We heaved a huge sigh of relief, and started to our final destination of Radium Hot Springs.

The campground is very nice and we'll be here for 5 nights. Of course, in Canada our cell phones don't work except for 76 cents a minute roaming charges. Don't expect to hear from us until we get back in the U.S.A. We thought we could keep in touch by email using their wifi service. When we went to the clubhouse on Sunday night to try it, it was broken. We had to settle for a few laps in the pool and time in the hot tub.

We did look around the aria on Sunday to get the lay of the land. It's located in a valley, mostly a tourist area with many hotels, restaurants, and golf courses. There's some beautiful lakes and rivers.

John insisted we stop at the visitor center like he always does, but Linda made the real find behind the visitor center was a group of deer. Up close and personal!

Tomorrow we're going to explore the National Parks near here. We'll let you know what we find.
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Jeni said...

I can't believe how close you got to the deer! Very great Mommy!

Jeni said...

The picture of Mommy at the gardens was so pretty. Can we get my garden to look like that? The lake looked so pretty too!