Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Radium Hot Springs Pools

We couldn't visit the Radium Hot Springs area with visiting the original Hot Springs!

The pools are located inside the Kootenay National Park, and run by Canada Parks. There's also a spa offering massages, facials and assorted other stuff spas offer (you women know).

There are 2 different pools. The Hot Springs Pool, which is about 3-4 feet deep and huge, and a 50 meter cool pool with a diving board and swimming lanes. The hot pool is between 100-103 degrees and the cool pool is about 82 degrees. People don't swim in the hot pool, they just walk from place to place. One end of the pool is slightly hotter than the other. There's a shelf all around the perimeter of the pool that people can sit on, or lay back on.

The pedestal in the middle allows you to sit and look up at the cliffs. We sat there for awhile and looked up on the cliff hoping to see some wildlife like Mountain Goats, or Rocky Mountain Sheep, but they never appeared. We didn't even see any birds flying in the air. We did see some chipmunks!
We went back and forth between the two pools and it was really enjoyable. We didn't know if it cured anything, but we were both very relaxed and slept really well that night.

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Jeni said...

Does the water in a natural hot spring feel any different when you're inside?

If you slept well that night I bet they did help! I know how you guys sleep in the bed on wheels normally!