Monday, September 10, 2007

Lake Louise & Banff

Today we left the motorhome in Radium Hot Springs and drove through Kooteny National Park to Banff National Park. It was a beautiful drive except for the area that had a major forest fire in 2003. When we hit the junction of Hwy 93 and Transcanada 1, we turned left towards Lake Louise. We had very fond memories of a summer trip here with Jeni & Matt in our travel trailer. We camped at Lake Louise and always remembered as breathtaking. It hasn't changed, it's still a fantastic site. The blue-green water that starts at a glacier at the end of the lake has a milky quality from what is called glacier flour. It's very fine rock, so fine it stays suspended in the water causing the beautiful color. The end of the lake is occupied by the Chateau Lake Louise hotel which was built by the Canadian Pacific Railroad as a destination for vacationers to ride the train. It's a glorious old hotel managed by the Fairmont group of hotels-very high end and 5 diamonds on the AAA list. We enjoyed walking around the public rooms and listening to a lady play the harp at lunch. We then walked around part of the lake shore just drinking in the beauty.

We then left there and went to Morine Lake, another high lake fed by glaciers, but smaller with much less touristy attractions. It is reached by a narrow twisting road that seems to climb straight up. It is a deeper blue and the glacier seems closer and larger. You can rent canoes and paddle around the lake, but we were afraid John would tip a canoe over!

After a deli lunch we went back to the car and drove about 45 miles to Banff. It is more of a small village with a lot of shops and restaurants. It also has a famous CPR hotel built on some natural hot springs.We enjoyed the sites and parks. We found this beautiful falls just outside of town.

Then it was back to the motorhome to feed our dog and ourselves. It was a fun day of reliving great memories and making new ones.

If you wish to see all of the photos from our trip, click on:

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Jeni said...

Banff was one of my favorite trips (along with Yellowstone and Yosemite) when we were little. It was soooooooo beautiful!!!!! It looks like I remember it. Too bad you and Pearly couldn't stay in that swanky hotel. Sounds amazing and with its connection to the railroad, you would have really felt great there!

Jeni said...

I liked the picture of the Glacier pretty. What was the 20 dollar view? I loved the picture of Daddy on the rocks and sandcastle castles were fabulous! I also really liked the pictures of both of you at Banff falls! Nice!