Tuesday, September 04, 2007

We Move-And Have a Bad Day

We wrapped up our stay at Tall Chief RV Resort in Fall City, WA on Tuesday, 9-4. We extended our stay here through Labor Day to avoid the holiday crowds. We also liked our private space, good TV reception, and the adult craft classes they offered that Linda enjoyed.

On Tuesday the weather was supposed to be chance of rain, but late Monday night (Midnight)we had a terrible thunderstorm that dropped a ton of rain and scared our dog Pearl. She jumped in bed shaking like a leaf in the wind, and panting hard. When we got up the next morning, our awning was full of water and the arm that supported the canvas was broken. You'd think by now John would know enough to get the awning in when rain is expected!

John called Girard, the awning manufacturer, and they walked him through bringing the awning in and securing it so that we could move to our next park. We won't be able to use the awning until we get it fixed when we get back to L.A.

So off we go over the mountain to Newport, WA, which is just 40 miles north of Spokane. We got there without any further problems, but after setting everything up, John turned on the TV and nothing happened! The front TV stopped working and it blinks a red light 2 times every 10 seconds. And we're in the middle of nowhere and can't get it fixed. The TV in the bedroom works, so we're not totally out of entertainment. We're just wondering what's going to go wrong next. It's almost like owning a home.

We're going to stay here in Newport until Saturday, 9-8, and then we're going to move onto our adventure in Canada. Our first stop will be in Radium Hot Springs, BC. So if we're glowing when we see you next you'll know why.

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Jeni said...

Poor poor Pearly! Oliver doesn't like thunderstorms either. Wow, you have had your share of problems with your motorhome. I hope I don't have too many with my house (um, I meant yours :))