Friday, September 28, 2007

Our Anniversary-9/28/68

Boy, a lot of time has pasted since that memorable day. It seems like it wasn't that long ago, but 39 years is a long time!

How times have changed. Back then, we were lucky to have a color TV. There was no computers, no cell phones, no microwave ovens, no answering machines. How did we keep in touch? Oh, yes, we wrote letters. Of course stamps were only 3 cents.

We're glad we have all the modern conveniences. It would be hard to travel without cell phones to keep in touch with friends and make reservations, computers to get email, pay bills, post pictures, and write BLOGs. It's amazing how much easier it is with all of these modern tools. It makes this fulltiming adventure possible.

We decided to visit St. George, the largest city in the area. It's about an hour's drive from Kanab. When we got there, what did we find? A TJMaxx store with a sale going on. So John dropped Linda off and went exploring while she started on our Christmas shopping. It's hard to believe that the holidays are getting so close. We went on to the mall which had a Dillards, one of our favorite department stores. It reminds us of the Meier & Frank department store from our days in Portland. John even bought a couple of new shirts.

We had a nice lunch, took calls from our mothers and children congratulating us on our big day, and then headed back to the motorhome. We took Pearl on a walk, fed her dinner, and then went to the best restaurant in Kanab, Rockin V. It was interesting, but not that great. John had halibut, Linda had a chicken salad, we had wine, and the best part, a lemon mouse tart that we shared. There was a full moon that we enjoyed on the way home. It was a nice way to celebrate our special day.


jdrayer said...

Congratulations -- and Happy Anniversary!! I had forgotten the date but thought it was sometime in September (like us). I am enjoying your "travelogues". We vacationed in Cedar Breaks, UT this summer and visited Bryce, Zion and N Rim -- it was awesome!

Jeni said...

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! But, did you make Mommy eat MOUSE for dessert????