Sunday, September 16, 2007

We Travel to South Dakota

We left the Glacier area on Friday morning for a long two day drive to Rapid City, SD. We didn't realize that the trip would involve so many up and down hills. In a 35,000 lb. motorhome you learn not to like up and down very much. We cut over to I-15 thinking that the interstate would be easier-wrong! One of the worst hills was when I-15 dead ended into I-90. I-15 is a long downhill road, meets with I-90 in a 25MPH corkscrew entrance. We think we could smell our brakes!

We overnighted in a very nice rest area outside of Billings, MT. Montana is a big state, it was about 530 miles to this rest area. Normally we stop at Wal-Marts when we overnight, but this rest stop was right on the freeway and it had an area where we could open our slides. After a good nights sleep, we pushed on through Wyoming to Rapid City, SD. It's 92 degrees and hot, especially after leaving Canada and Montana where the highs were in the 60s.

We arrived about 4:00pm at one of the nicest campgrounds we have stayed at so far. It's called Hart's Ranch, and it have concrete pads with lots of grass and space between the spots. Pearl really likes it. We're going to stay here a week in the Black Hills and explore the area. If you would like to see what Hart Ranch is like, please click here:

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Jeni said...

Are you part owner of Hart's Ranch now? I saw it was member owned and figured that would be right up your alley!