Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another Year Gone

Yep, today’s my birthday.  I was born in 1947, so you do the math if you’re interested in how old I am.

The day started nicely with lunch with some new friends, Ken & Peggy.  They stayed at the lot across the street from us, but left on 12/31 to move into their new duplex in Sun City West.  They suggested a restaurant in nearby Glendale call Sweet Tomatoes.

This is a chain restaurant covering the Western US.  In California they’re called Souplantation.  They offer fresh salad, soup, pasta, bread, and baked potato buffet.  Everything was very clean, fresh, and good.  It was a very enjoyable lunch with our new friends.  It turned out that they managed a campground in Eugene, OR, and he helped build the original Leisure World where my Mother lived back in the 60s.  They have led very interesting lives.

After lunch it was back to Surprise for…..wait for it…….dental appointments.  That’s right, we scheduled teeth cleaning on my birthday.  Not real smart, but I was driving the MoHo when they called back in November and I agreed without thinking.  Linda got an A+ from her hygienist, but I have to go back to have an old filling worked on.  Happy Birthday.

We stopped at a couple of stores on our way back to the Happy Trails.  Since we had such a large lunch, we settled for home cooked tacos for dinner, then a quiet evening at home.  Now I’m set for another year.  And this will be a great year.

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