Sunday, January 03, 2010

Sunday Means Pro Football

I took a break from the college bowl games, but, surprise, and final week in the NFL season was on, and there was still some playoff slots left to be decided, so I had to watch.  It’s the only way to know who to root for during the playoffs.  Since we wander around the US, we don’t have a home team, so I just had to watch to make an educational decision.

Linda & Maggie started their daily walking at 8:00am, way before I would want to be out in the cold.  I don’t know if Linda enjoys the walking, or the fellowship with Maggie, or just getting away from me for an hour.  Whatever the reason, she is working hard on improving her health.

We finished the day by having a nice dinner with Bob & Maggie.  We wanted to eat at a French restaurant called Amuse Bouche.  But we were disappointed that it was closed on Sunday.  So we went back to NYPD Pizza.  Not for pizza, but to try their pasta and other Italian dishes.  I had the Chicken Parmesan, and Linda had a bowl of their homemade Minestrone soup.  Bob had the Linguini with red clam sauce, and Maggie had the house salad.  My chicken was very good, the soup & salad were good, but Bob’s linguini was a little dry.  We went to dinner at early at 5:00pm, but when we left around 6:00 the place was full with some patrons waiting.  It’s a very popular place.

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Dkalla said...

Way to go Linda!!! I wish I was near you, and not working, so I could go walking with you.....:-) And there you go again, with food...hee hee There is another place we will have to try when we visit, since there isn't one any where close to me....:-)