Friday, January 01, 2010

New Years Day, 2009

We awoke early enough to catch the last half of the Rose Parade on the local television station in HD.  We only HD over the air, since Direct TV requires a new antenna that view 5 different satellites at the same time to see HD.  The antenna is $2200 and we don’t think it’s worth the money.  We get the local Phoenix stations well with our regular antenna.

Anyway, we watched the parts we missed on Direct TV KTLA channel 5 in L.A.  The same couple have been doing the broadcast for many years, and they seemed a little snippy at each other during the broadcast.  The good thing is there are no commercials so you see every part of the parade including the equestrian units.  You don’t see them on the national channels.  We though the floats were nice this year.  We especially liked the dogs snowboarding down the hill(surprise) and the Cal Poly float.  We didn’t care to much for the Lutheran Laymen’s League float.  That’s the one we used to work on, and the design just didn’t seem to work well.

After the parade I settled in for the college bowl games.  After being bored for awhile, Linda decided to check out the special sale at Dillard's.  We really like Dillard's, it reminds us of the old May Co. stores.  They’re mostly in the East, with only a couple of stores in CA.

I was disappointed in the Oregon loss in the Rose Bowl, but other than that the games were pretty good.  And Linda even bought me a couple of shirts at Dillard's. 

When Linda finally got home about 7:00pm, I cooked a nice Porterhouse Steak that we picked up at Fry’s Marketplace.  It’s interesting that a lot of the grocery stores here carry USDA Choice beef.  Back in Laguna Woods, all of the chains carried the lower grade of USDA Select.  The steak was perfect.  A nice way to start the new year.

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