Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jeni Gets Some Wheels

We spent a fun day with our daughter Jeni.  At Christmas, Matt & Suzanne, and Linda & I gave Jeni an empty box.  It was a bicycle box, and after Christmas we started looking for the perfect bike for Jeni.  For those of you who have met Jeni, you know she’s height challenged at 4"’11”.  So we needed a special bike that would fit her well, and the best way to do that is to try riding different bikes around parking lots.

We visited about 6 different shops carrying a number of different brands.  We found the perfect bike for Jeni at Performance Bicycles.  This is a regional chain that carries a number of different brands.  When we were looking in Orange County, Jeni had liked the Schwinn Searcher.searcherBut we had trouble finding one in the Phoenix area.  But we did want to look at other Schwinns.  That why we went to Performance Bikes, as they carried Schwinn.  And we found a XS Schwinn Voyager.BikeIt’s very similar to the Searcher, but one class up.  It has a better derailleur, stronger frames, and a more comfortable seat.  Jeni’s is white, which was the only drawback.  But she loves the bike, so she’s back in business as far as commuting.  She plans to take the bus to the light rail station, and then on to the campus.  Our only concern is about after dark, but she promises not to ride it when she has to stay late at school.

So the day was successful, our Christmas promise fulfilled.  Now I only have to wait for Matt to pay his share.

Oh, there was a football game in AZ today.  I understand it was pretty good,  but I saw the highlights, and it was more fun to spend the day with Jeni & Linda.  Sort of.  

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Dkalla said...

Maybe that is why I haven't really been excited about biking, as I never did so much research for us vertically challenged....:-) Now maybe you all can go biking together sometime....:-)