Thursday, January 07, 2010

Road Trip!

Since Allan & Sharri are in town, we decided to head south to Casa Grande to visit our mutual friends Joe & Phyllis Beebe.  The spend the winter at Palm Creek RV Resort.  They have a lot for their Monaco Dynasty that includes a nice shed & patio.  IMG_1528We carpooled with Bob & Maggie, and Allan & Sharri carpooled with Ron & Ethyl.  We left about 11:00, and stopped for lunch at Cracker Barrel in Chandler, close to where Jeni lives.  They serve old fashion comfort food, and no, Donna, they don’t have any outlets in CA.  Come visit us  and we’ll treat you.

After that, it was another 45 minutes to Palm Creek.  Casa Grande is about 2 hours from Happy Trails.  We sat around the patio and caught up with each other since last year.  Joe & Phyllis have two wonderful dogs that decided that Linda was their new best friend.  What a surprise!

IMG_1532 IMG_1529

The white & black one is Tea Cup, and the black on is Bear.

Here’s a picture of our friends Joe & Phyllis:IMG_1527

They really love Palm Creek.  Phyllis sings in the choir and volunteers at the office, Joe plays golf 3 times a week, races RC cars with a group.  A very active lifestyle.

We had a very enjoyable visit, and a nice trip back to Happy Trails with Bob & Maggie.  This is just the start of many road trips to explore Arizona while we’re here.  There’s a lot of places we missed last year, and we have less time this year, so we’ll have to plan our trips better.

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Connie said...

Linda looks very happy, and content.