Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Quartzsite Again

On our second full day at Q, we started the day by going out to lunch with Bob & Maggie, Ron & Dona, and Joe & Phyllis at the Mountain Quail Cafe, one of our regular stops when we’re in Quartzsite.  They serve all of the different types of comfort food, including large traditional breakfasts.  Ron & Dona ordered Ham & Eggs, and the ham was served on separate large plate with about a pound of ham.  They had enough leftover for dinner that night.  A lot of food cooked just the way everyone likes it.

We then all split up.  We wanted to go back to the show to check out a couple of items that we were still debating (not the kayak).  We also stopped to look at some of the newer motorhomes, but there was nothing we would trade MoHo for.  Then it started to rain.

We had planned a potluck dinner for the evening.  Well, with everyone from the Northwest, we weren’t going to let a little rain (really a lot of rain) stop us.  We used two of the motorhomes for cooking and serving the meal, and then moved to other motorhomes to eat.  The meal, as always, was fantastic.  Barbequed tri-tip, and lots of sides and deserts.  Ron & Dona graciously offered their motorhome for dining.  Here’s part of the group.IMG_0129With full stomachs and many leftovers we retired to our MoHo.  Since the weather is so iffy, we have decided to leave tomorrow as it’s the last day of good weather.

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Dkalla said...

I almost missed this one...that is weird. You have way too many friends (well, I guess you can never have too many friends...:-) and you are eating way too much good food...:-) Bon Apetite!!