Sunday, January 17, 2010

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

After Linda’s birthday, we spent Friday & Saturday cleaning up the rest of MoHo, putting the wheel covers away, taking down the windshield screens, and generally getting ready to go.

If you’re wondering where we going, well, it’s back to Quartzsite to meet up with our Monaco friends, shop all of the RV vendors, and have a really good time.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Quartzsite, it’s a small town of 500 residents' about 20 miles east of the CA border.  And every winter it explodes with about 250,000 RVs of every type.  quartzsite, AZThere are two basic areas where everyone camps.  All of the land outside of the city is BLM and there’s 2 areas for camping.  The long term area is on the south side of I-10, and for about $180 you can camp there all winter.  They have a central waste dump, water fill, and dumpsters for trash.  On the north side of I-10 is the short term camping area where you’re allowed to camp for 14 days for free.Quartzsite-blm-mapWe camp in the top area off Hwy 95.  Now camping here is called boondocking.  The reason is you’re completely off the grid.  Our electricity comes from our onboard batteries, which we charge when needed with our diesel generator.  We always arrive with a full fresh water tank, about 105 gallons, and empty grey & black water holding tanks.  I’ll let you try to figure out what each tank holds.  Usually we can stay about 7 to 10 days without dumping our tanks and refilling our fresh water.  We camp with our Northwest Monaco friends, with our MoHo facing the distance mountains to enjoy the mountain views and sunsets.  Here’s a picture of how some campers arrange their the RV A lot of them circle the wagons and then meet and eat in the middle.  Kind of like the old wagon trains!

So on Sunday we pulled out of spot at Happy Trails for a quick side trip.  We arrived and greeted everyone.  It was great since some of our friends we haven’t seen since last time we were in Q.

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Dkalla said...

Well I saw that you did a lot of updating so I decided to start at the bottom....:-) It does sound like the olden days of wagon trains....YEE HA!!! I bet it is good to see old friends and catch up!