Saturday, January 02, 2010

More Football and Another Happy Hour

John started the day watching another bowl game, but Linda had a different agenda.

We had some Christmas presents we needed to return, and Linda though this was a good day to do it.  So off we went with our receipts in our hand.  We had to go to TJ Maxx, Linda’s favorite store, and Target.  After these chores, we stopped at Lowes to pick up a new hummingbird feeder for our window.  The legs where the birds stand while they drink have broken off, so we wanted to replace them.

IMG_1501  We’ve had a lot of hummingbirds here at Happy Trails, and it fun to sit inside the MoHo and still watch their antics.  I also bough a 20 LB bag of bird seed for the other birds.  When we hung the bird feeder when we first got here we didn’t get any birds.  We though it was because we are in a different lot this year.  Well, we were wrong.  When I hung the feeder, I forgot to open the little holes to give the birds access to the seed-DUH.IMG_1500 After I twisted open the feeders, we have had a ton of birds, including these beautiful birds.

IMG_15121 IMG_1503

We even had a furry visitor.  IMG_1510

About 4:00pm we headed over to Bob & Maggie’s lot for Happy Hour.  We drove over in our golf cart! Our neighbor’s across from us, Ken & Peggy, bought a house in Sun City West.  They also bought a new golf cart.  So they left their old one for us to use and try to sell for them while we’re here.  How very nice! That’s the kind of people we meet here in Happy Trails.

We had a great time at Happy Hour, with great stories and good food and drinks.  As it got dark, it got chilly, so we headed for home for a nice bowl of soup for dinner.


Dkalla said...

Hopefully you have the feeders away from your walking path....all the mess....but it is fun to watch all God's Creatures! So is there a chance that you two will buy the cart....??? :-) But after all this eating, maybe you need to do the walking...HA!!! I know, how bad can a bowl of soup be for dinner....Glad you are keeping up the blog!

Connie said...

Cute bunny.