Friday, January 08, 2010

Vendor Day Again

The first Friday of every month here at Happy Trails is Vendor Day.  This edition was about twice as big as the one in December.  And attendance was huge.  Some of the vendors said that Happy Trails has the biggest attendance of any of the RV parks.

We met our Northwest friends there at 10:00am.   In a surprise happening, the women split up and shopped together, and the men kind of stood around and talk and watched the crowd.  I did buy a small bag of fresh popcorn, but that was it.  After every booth was visited, and purchases debated, we decided to go to lunch.  I know more food.  What can I say, retired people eat, drink, & talk a lot.

We went to JB’s restaurant inside of Sun City Grand.  We ate on the patio, with a beautiful view of one of the four golf courses in the development.  They have a diner style menu, with a very nice soup and salad bar.  Linda & I shared a beef dip sandwich with a trip to the salad bar.  Perfect, with a great setting and great friends.

Later in the afternoon we visited the couple who used to stay in the lot across from us.  They bought a nice duplex in Sun City West.  They are so excited with their new house.  They bought all new furniture and appliances.  We hope they have many happy years in their new house.

There are four Sun City’s here in the Surprise area.  The original Sun City, which is 50 years old this year.  This is the first planned active adult community by Del Webb.  When it opened in 1960, they expected maybe a thousand people would show up.  They were overwhelmed when 100,000 people arrived to look at the houses and facilities. And that was just the beginning.  After building out Sun City, he built Sun City West, and then Sun City Grand.  And now the company is building Sun City Festival.  And they have built many other Sun Cities and active adult communities all over the country.  All of the communities have golf course, tennis, clubhouses, and many crafts facilities. In 2005 the company was sold to Pulte Homes.  You can click on the links to find our more information.

And that finished the day.  Tomorrow we’re going to a birthday party for Sharri who is hitting a milestone birthday.  Any we’ll also celebrate Linda’s & my birthday with our Northwest friends.  It should be fun.


Connie said...

Sounds like your staying busy and having lots of fun, miss you both.

Dkalla said...

Hey if you didn't talk about food, I would start worrying....hee hee And we do have JB's here, and we do enjoy it...:-) So have you started seriously looking at homes again?? It sure seems like you enjoy being in Arizona.....:-) Hope you had a great B-Day celebration for all!!!

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