Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A Late Christmas Present

We got a surprise today when they delivered our Christmas present from Jeni & Matt.  It’s a nice patio heater that runs on propane that you’ve probably seen in some restaurant patios.455676f Of course it came in a box, and required SOME assembly.  You all know how I like a challenges, so I emptied the box, laid out the pieces, and separated all of the bolts.  I got out the instruction sheet, eventually found the English page, and started in.  Surprisingly it went together fairly easy.  I know you don’t believe it, but Linda will verify it!  Of course there were some bolts left over, but it seems pretty solid.

It requires a propane tank, purchased separately.  So we went off to Sam’s Club to get a tank.  We normally would have gone to Costco, but it’s 10 miles away and Sam’s is right here by Happy Trails.  Besides, I saved a lot of money by not going to Costco because I would have bought a lot of other stuff.

Then we had to find a propane supplier to fill the tank.  On the way Linda found a new consignment store, but there wasn't anything worth buying.  Then on to fill the propane tank, and back to the MoHo.  We got back a little late, so we just cooked some hamburger steaks and sweet potatoes fries that I had picked up at Trader Joes.  If you’ve never tried, they’re great.  They come frozen, and you bake them.  Try them dipped in Honey Mustard salad dressing.  Really great.

We’re going to have Happy Hour tomorrow to try out the new heater, so check back for the results.  I know, you’ll be sitting on pins & needles waiting for the posting. 

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Dkalla said...

What a neat gift!! I bet that will really get used a lot, during all your parties, you party animals!!